Warning and Safety Tips for Online Hookup

hookup safetyWe both know that there is no shame in upping your hookup game by searching for a little fun online. However, while it’s easy to find tips on staying safe for a more “traditional” style online meetup, there isn’t enough conversation when it comes to staying safe during more casual encounters. Before you head out for an unforgettable one-night stand, keep a few safety tips in mind.

Meet in Public First

This is a golden rule of dating safety no matter where you have found each other. Keep your first encounter innocent, maybe spiced with a few innuendos, in a well-lit, well populated place. If it feels good then proceed. If anything about the vibe makes you feel uneasy, head out and don’t look back.

Talk About Your Expectations

Before you even head out the door to meet the desire of your lust, you need to convey your expectations with each other. Talk about where the fun will take place, and discuss which protective measures, such as condoms, will be used.

It is also a good idea to know a little bit about what to expect in terms of sex. Are you sharing something long and sensual or will the experience be heated up with lots of kink. Make clear what you are comfortable doing and what will not be tolerated.

Going Back to Their Place

Get a good look at their car and take note of their license plate number. Ask them which route you will be taking and what their exact address is. As soon as you get in your own car, call or text a trusted friend with that information. Once there, leave your valuables safely locked in your car. Upon entering make note of exits and anything that might make you uncomfortable. Finally, as tempting as a little pre-action cocktail sounds, just skip it. Unfortunately, some people get kicks out of drugging even willing partners.

Going Back to Your Place

Take basic precautions like locking up your valuables and knowing what type of car they drive and license plate number. Let a trusted friend know that you will be having company and keep you phone close by with their number pulled up on the screen. Let them know that any contact from you prior to a certain time indicates distress. Or, have them call you and use code words indicating if everything is all good, or if you need help. If possible, plan an alternate exit out of your home. Finally, don’t let them bring anything extra into your home including weapons, excessive amounts of toys or anything that needs to be carried in a bag where you can’t see all the contents.

Finally, keep some space and drive separately. The last thing you want is to feel trapped in a bad experience. With a little forethought to your own safety you can have an unforgettable one night stand hookup.

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