Sex in the 21st Century – One-Night Stand Dating

sex in the 21st centuryAt one time, it would have been frowned upon to sleep with someone you hardly knew, but during the last century, times changed. Each generation finds the prospect of settling down and staying with one person forever less appealing and are more than happy to look around for what will make them happy. In the past, men who slept around would be viewed as a bit of a lad, but unfortunately for the woman, the name would be much more offensive. Fortunately, we have moved forward and freedom to have fun is there for both genders via one night stand dating.

The reality is that it can be exciting to sleep with someone who is virtually a stranger. There are many advantages to living the lifestyle of no commitment, and providing there is an understanding and agreement about the lack of relationship, then there will be no problems having a one night stand. Both people need to be sensible and responsible, and to give an extra feeling of security, there are one-night stand apps that allow the hook ups to take place problem free.

When a couple starts dating, there will be awkward moments during the first few weeks. Neither can be sure of how involved the other is and it is hard to know when to breach the subject of spending the night together. Asking too early can lead to a strain as the person who is ready for one-night stand dating can feel rejected. The one who wants to wait will worry that asking so soon might make their partner think they are easy going and worried that the pressure may start to be applied to make them agree.

With a one-night stand, none of this is applicable. Both people know why they are there and they know how the evening is going to end. Rather than sitting in a restaurant wondering whether to ask or whether you will be asked, you can imagine how it will happen. The only question to answer will be “your place or mine?” If you have been in a long term relationship, it is likely that the first time you take part in one night stand dating will be a little daunting. You will have been with the one person for some time and are used to what they do and how they do it.

The odds of this new person being the same are very low – and that can be a big part of the excitement. The anticipation of how it will happen and at what stage can be almost too much to bear. There is a lot to be said for experimentation before settling down. Once married, many will feel that they can never sleep with anyone else and may feel a sense of regret and desire for the forbidden fruit. By experimenting beforehand, the sense of missing out will be eliminated. If you have fun while you are young, you can look back on your youth and know that you lived life to the full.

There are other reasons why people turn to one-night stand sites for hookup. After years together, the physical side of a relationship can slow down and in some cases even end. It could be that one person has a higher sex drive than the other or for some reasons, one can no longer take part in the physical side of the relationship. When this happens, there will still be a lot of love for that person but also a desire for sex. One great advantage of not having an affair, but a series of one-night stands is the fact that there is less chance of being caught. If you are seen out with another person, it is easier to pass them off as a distant relative, a business acquaintance or long-lost school friend.

If you are seen with the same person regularly, it is harder to explain. This type of hook up is no strings attached fun and that can only be good. There are however a few things that should be remembered. They are based mainly on the total need for reality and discretion – and for each company or app you use, there will probably be their own terms and conditions. You need to go into each new encounter with your eyes wide open. When it comes to reality you have to accept that there is likely to be a slight sense of detachment from the other person. Like you, they are there for fun and sex, and not looking for love.

one night stands datingYou can’t build up the same level of caring and tenderness in one evening as you would during the first few weeks of a one-night stand relationship. You can expect kindness, gentleness, and respect and if that is greatly lacking it can be your choice as to whether you go through with it. You are equals in this meeting; you are not there just to satisfy the other one. While there is the expectation of sex, it will not be at any cost. Discretion is vital due to the nature of the game. You may be free and single, but others may not be. If you are aware of someone not in the same position as you, then you must bite your lip and ignore it. You agree to this when you sign up on one-night stand sites and it is important to remember it at all times.

If you are the person who needs to keep this side of your life private, there are a few tips. Always log out of your computer and keep any information password protected. Deleting browsing history is also recommended. It all sounds pretty obvious, but with the excitement of an upcoming one-night stand encounter on your mind, it is easy to forget.

So, now you know what to expect; all the fun of a date without strings. A night where you can be yourself, do what you want and not have to worry about being judged the next morning. This is the reality of life in the 21st Century and there is no reason why you cannot be a part of it. When it comes to your personal life, you can, in fact, have it all – your freedom and an active sex life with a variety of amazing people.


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