10 Reasons Why You Are Ready for One Night Stand

ready for one night standAs much as one night stands are considered a taboo by many social circles, the number of people engaging in one night stands in a frequent basis or at least multiple times throughout their single lives, has skyrocketed over the last years. And why not? More and more people nowadays look for casual fun with no commitment. But how do you know you are ready for a one night stand or more one night stands? Here are some signs that show you are fully ready to join in the fun:


No 1: You have been single for a while and want to get intimate with someone without jumping into another relationship. One of the most common reasons why people choose to have one night stands is because they get to enjoy intimacy and sex without actually being in a relationship. Perhaps you have decided to follow this route because you’ve been hurt in the past–or you simply enjoy sex without any commitment. Whatever the reason, this is enough to make you try one night stand hookup.


No 2: You are confident about your sexuality and how that is perceived. People that are confident and less prudent about their sexuality according to experts tend to have more one night stands than people who don’t and hide their bodies. If you feel like showing off your body and skills as well as enjoy and please another person, this is a good sign to go for it.


No 3: You have clear expectations of what one night stands are. One thing that makes one night stands have a controversial reputation is because of one or both people that engage in the act do not have clear expectations. You know you are ready when you see this as just an act to have sex with someone you are not and will not be committed to–not as an opportunity to get closer to a person and have a relationship. Otherwise, it would be a recipe for disaster. You must also communicate your intentions to the other person from the start if you want to do this ethically and without possibly hurting the other person. Remember, you are a human, not an animal.


No 4: You just want to try something different. Some people choose to live the excitement of one night stands because of the excitement and adrenaline rush of sexing someone new. If you are fed up with your sexual life and life in general, trying a one night stand hookup at least once to shake off your routine should be a great experience. Just don’t make it when you are in a serious relationship otherwise there will be consequences you don’t want to deal with.


No 5: You have just gone through a painful break-up and need some form of distraction. Not all people choose to have one or multiple one night stands because they just want sex. Some people eventually do so because they’ve just gone through a painful breakup and want to keep their mind distracted. In fact, if you think about it, it can be quite fun. However, if you overdo it and it’s not normally within your character, you may feel worse than before/sick of yourself. It wouldn’t hurt to try once thought to see how you like it.


No 6: You aren’t a very talkable and social person but still want sex. Relationships and constant communication can spell trouble for many people. If you are fed up with that drama and don’t like to exchange much with another person (other than your bodies), perhaps one night stand dating is the answer for you. Just a few texts and minimal talk before and during the act are enough to get you laid. The Internet and mobile phones has made the process much easier and you don’t need much effort and talk to get someone to have sex with you.


No 7: You find the thought of sexing someone  you don’t know mysterious and enticing. Probably one of the top 6 sexual phantasies people have is having sex with an attractive stranger they never met before. The thrill of sexing someone unknown is enough to tempt you to actually try it out. So if you want to fulfill that phantasy, give it  a try, at least once.


one night stand hookupNo 8:  You need some real sex besides masturbation and sex toys. Yep, like 90% of the adolescent and adult population till 60, masturbation is quite common–but sometimes too much of it without any real sex can make you feel like a sex doll/zombie with no real appeal. So if you are fed up with excess masturbation, why don’t you have a one night stand instead?


No 9: You envy your friends that have tried it out and seem smitten with it. Whether we like it or not, our close friends have a huge impact in our behaviors. If your friend Sarah has boasted about her one night stand story and you found it awesome or gotten a bit jealous about it, perhaps you should try a one night stand as well. After all, you may end up with your own spicy story to tell your friends.


No 10: You want to embrace a more sexually liberated life. Society has fed us with double standards for ages–like for example, men are master f****rs and women are slaves or sluts. There are many more examples of double standards like this but ultimately, some things need to be changed. If you feel like embracing a more sexually liberated life without any fear  of being called a c*nt then go for it. Sexual liberation is the newest trend for some.


If you agree with the above or at least most of the above, chances are, you are ready for a one night stand–or having another one so don’t fret. Try it and see how it goes before you decide to do it again or not.


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