Important One Night Stand Do’s and Don’ts

one night stand sexOne night stands are fun, exciting and completely free of hassle as long as you stick to a few basic rules. Hooking up with someone you don’t know and getting everything you are after, without having to stick around and deal with all the normal relationship bullshit, is the reason just why so many people love the casual hookup. The only drawback with a one night stand is when you get those incompatibility issues either during the sex or after it when it comes to what comes to wrapping things up. Anyone who has had more than a few one-night stands will be able to tell you about a time when they just couldn’t get the person to leave the next day or were bombarded by hundreds of emails for weeks and months after.

If you are someone who is looking to make a one-night stand hookup go a little smoother and minimize the risk of having those awkward moments then there are a few do’s and don’ts you can follow that will help out.

  1. Protection, protection, protection

The golden rule of one night stands and casual hookups is to ALWAYS wear protection. The whole point of a one night stand is that it is meant to be 100% enjoyment and 0% hassle. Not wearing a condom while having sex with a person, who happy to have one night stands, dramatically increases your chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease or STD, so obviously should be avoided. You only need to consider that the west’s most well-known hookup artist, Casanova, was riddled with nasty effects of syphilis for the latter part of his life to understanding the stakes a lot better.

Another huge danger is that the woman becomes pregnant. This is about as far away from a fun filled, hassle free time as you can get and is definitely not worth the risk. Most people who are involved in one night stands in a serious way will have heard or know someone who has either gotten someone or has gotten pregnant themselves. Once this happens, your world will be turned upside down, especially if the person chooses to keep the child.


  1. Don’t be a dick

One night stands are great but that doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of a person or do anything that will cause them long-term emotional damage. We all realize that there is a game being played which may involve a little bit of lying to win. Putting yourself in a position where they are more likely to want to sleep with you is fine when it involves lying about things like your job or your number of sexual partners, for example, but there is a huge difference between this and manipulation. Treat the other person with respect and don’t take advantage of them.

  1. Don’t get drunk or let them either

Alcohol is a great way to liven things up a little. It also helps tremendously when it comes to giving a person a little-added confidence boost. The problem of alcohol comes when people end up drinking too much. To start with, you risk becoming unattractive to the other person or even saying or doing something that you might not ordinarily say. Another danger of not being fully in control is that you both get too caught up in the moment to remember condoms or even end up doing other things that you might regret come morning time.

  1. For guys, don’t just jump on them in the morning expecting sex

When you wake up in the morning and see your hookup laying there the tendency for most guys is to just jump on in and try to continue from where they left off the night before. This is never a good move especially if alcohol was involved the night before. It is much better to take things slowly and to gently caress her to wake her up. This can be anything from rubbing her back to playing with her hair but will give her the chance to wake up properly before the fun starts again. Many women prefer not to have morning after sex with a onetime only hookup, so it is important to find out if she is into it or not before you try. If she was drunk the night before, she will almost certainly be suffering from a hangover and might even be regretting the night’s fun too. Also, many people like to clean up in the morning before doing anything. Eye salt, smudged makeup and even bad breath are quite off-putting when it comes to anything intimate, so you might need to give them a chance to cleanup.

  1. Don’t sneak out but rather say a nice goodbye

morning after sexSneaking out often seems like the easy way to avoid the difficulty and awkwardness of having to hang out the morning with the person and later saying goodbye. With things moving so fast, we overlook annoyances and disagreeable parts of a person’s character so that we can get them into bed. The problem with this is that understandably, the next day when you are feeling burned out and a little hangover, you don’t want to have to deal with the situation, something which makes it more appealing to bail as quickly as you can.

The best thing is to show a little heart and at least stick around long enough to say goodbye in a good way. If you want to get out of there as quickly as possible then make up some story like you have another appointment or have to be someplace else very soon. This will help you to avoid breakfast and having to spend too much more time with them. When you do say goodbye, make sure you thank them for a great evening and leave with a smile.

Finally, if the evening went really well, then more than likely they will end up dropping you a text at some point in the future. Even though you might not want to continue anything you should certainly have the decency to reply. If they begin to build up the frequency of these messages then you only need to reduce the frequency of your replies to give them a good hint that you are not interested. If things start to get out of hand, just be straight with them and let them know that it was only a one night stand and nothing more.

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