Affair Dating: How to Get into it

affair sexLet’s be honest here, how many married people haven’t at some point or fantasized about sleeping with another person? The simple fact is that spending your whole life with one person can be a challenge that many people might not be best suited to. In many cultures around the world, an extra marital affair is actually considered a good way to keep a relationship healthy.

In Italy, for example, a recent survey showed that both women and men thought that a discreet affair was actually a good thing. Thereasons makesense. It helps to ease marital tension as both parties are able to get their dose of excitement and fulfillment outside of the marriage, helping with something that has inevitably grown a little stale. This release then eases the tension between the married couple and makes them both that little happier.

Before you start an affair

There are definitely quite a bit of thinking you should be doing before beginning an affair. Though the statistics reveal that a good majority of first time affairs actually happen with someone that the person has known for quite some time, increasingly, with the advent of specialist one-night stand sites, people are purposely seeking out strangers online in order to have sex.

Since most affairs don’t exactly start unintentionally and instead come from desires that build up over time, there is a timeframe when a person can think about what they might end up doing. If you are one such person, you should really take a moment to sit down and think through the huge risks and downsides that could come from having an affair. Consider your wife or husbands feelings and that of your family too. If you still decide that the risk is worth the reward then you are ready to go ahead with it.

Where to find the right person

The good news is that there are loads of great dating sites that are tailor made for people like you. You can find loads of tips in our online one-night stand dating blog. Once you are up and running on a site, it won’t be long before you meet that person or persons you are after.

Since most first time affairs happen with a person you have known for a while, the only real problem here is just how when and where to make it happen. A good percentage of these affairs start at work with a coworker and quickly blossom into a full on affair. Other types of affairs start as one night stands with someone the person has met in a bar, club or elsewhere. After exchanging numbers, the affair continues on as at first a causal hookup and then for some people, develops into something more serious.

Should I stay or should I go?

Once you have found someone you like, don’t let fear put you off. Arrange to meet them somewhere away from a place that you are likely to be recognized, and then go have fun. If it is an internet hookup, then to be honest, most dates usually revolve around meeting the person for a drink or two before heading straight to the hotel. Since time is of the essence for most married people, straight to the hotel is definitely the preferred option.

Once you meet with the person, just remember that if you don’t like them or decide not to go through with it, you can always leave. For first timers, you can go on a few dates before you hit the hotel, so you have more time to relax into it. The rule is here, go with the flow, relax and just have fun!

A few rules that it definitely pays to follow

  1. Don’t get caught

affair gets caughtThis is the golden rule when it comes to having an affair. If you are going to do it, then take special care not to get caught. This can be anything from not arriving home spelling of perfume with lipstick all over you face, to making sure not to meet the person in a public place where you might be spotted. Don’t be seen to suddenly change your normal routine as this is a dead giveaway, especially if you are suddenly away for long periods at a time. Also if you give an alibi then you definitely need to remember it in the future. It might even help to write it down somewhere safe just in case. Try to keep your cover stories as close as possible to the truth, as these are easiest to remember.

  1. Have fun

There is no point in having an affair if you don’t at least enjoy it to the maximum. When you are with the person, it pays to put everything out of your mind and just have fun. Don’t drag any guilt or anything else along with you. One night stand is an exciting thing, a time where you get to live a double life. Enjoy it and get as much fun out of it as possible.

  1. Keep your distance

It is advised to keep your distance when having an affair. Don’t let yourself get sucked in to quickly by the excitement and fun of being with a new person. Lots of people make this mistake and pay dearly for it. You have a lot invested with your family, and it is important not to lose sight of this. Remember the excitement and fun will fade quite quickly, so don’t, for example, go home and tell your wife you are moving out after only your second date.

  1. Try not to discuss your family too much

Always talking about your family is a bad idea. Aside from the fact that it means that you are not getting totally away from them, it also risks giving way too much information to the other person in the advent that it blows up in your face. This is definitely not a good idea.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether it happens by accident or on purpose, if you start an affair you definitely should enjoy every minute of it. Being with a new person after so long is an exciting experience, so make the most of it. Be careful not to let the affair get out of hand and always keep yourself grounded about where your real happiness lies and you will be fine.

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