What Do You Know About One-Night Stands?

one night stand pizzaDo you think you know a lot about pizza? You may know certain things, but did you know it is now the official food for the one night stand? It used to be that a couple would have cigarette post coitus, but this has now changed to a slice of pizza. So, the next time you order a pizza and get a little grin from the delivery guy, you know what they are thinking.

One night-stand hookup plays a large part in modern culture, but there is also an element of science involved. It is often asked whether a predilection for one-night stands is in our genes. Recent research shows that around 70% of Americans have had a one night stand, and it seems to be becoming more rather than less popular. It could be that we all feel a lot safer with there being so little about Aids in the press, and the need to be sure about partners, but whatever it is it seems that this method is back with a bang!!

You now have a great answer for anyone who tries to put you down because of having a one-night lover – it is not your choice; your brain is wired that way. The gene to blame is the DRD4 gene and this leads to you having an amazing high after an exciting encounter. Your evening of fun is giving you the same effect as taking drugs, but without the cost and risk to your health.

There also seems to be a little bit of gender role reversal when it comes to casual sex. In a relationship, it is said that “men fall in love with women they are attracted to while a woman becomes attracted to the man she falls in love with.” With one night stand hookup it seems to be the opposite as women found looks to be most important when it comes to spending the night together. The same research –carried out at Brunel University in the United Kingdom – found that men would go to bed regardless of whether they found the woman attractive.

There appears to be a difference of opinion when it comes to the morning after. More women than men appear to feel a little unsure of themselves the next day.  This, however, tended to be “unplanned” events rather than when the meeting was purely for sex. When the meeting has taken place as a result of contact on sites designed for one off sex, there were very few who felt it had not been the right choice.  In contrast, very few men regretted the encounter, regardless of how the meeting took place.

Sometimes women worry about the safety aspect of the casual lifestyle. For this reason, it will be best to use a site that specializes in arranging such interesting liaisons. Everyone will have been vetted before appearing in affair dating sites online, and as there often needs to be secrecy, no one will want to do anything that may cause them damage, for their identity to be revealed or for their account to be shut down. Secrecy and discretion are needed, but this should not stand in the way of any serious incidents taking place, although fortunately, people looking for fun tend to go out just for that.

The brief encounter is one occasion where a woman can say the choice is down to her monthly cycle. The desire to find the best genes for procreation will be higher now, and couple this with the chemical surge that occurs; it makes it the ideal excuse for commitment free fun. Do you have wide hips? Are you a manly man or a girly girl? They may be rather personal questions to ask, but if you answer yes, it is also an indication that you may be fond of having a one-night stand. In “Evolution and Human Behavior” it is claimed that women who had the widest hips had a more interesting sexual past. It may not be a scientific fact, but it is an interesting one.

Often on a first date, the aim is to find out as much as possible as you can about the other person. The thing about casual dating is that you can find out a lot about yourself. You can act and speak as you please – considering the reason you are there. It is pointless being rude and causing the evening to end early and before the main event has taken place. You have the freedom to come and go as you please. You don’t have to hang around until morning if you don’t want to.

affair datingLiberation is important and there is nothing more liberating than handing your body to a someone who is charged with giving you pleasure. You can be who you want for the evening and no-one will be around to pull you up on the facts the next day. If you have boundaries in place, anything goes.

Affair dating is also a way to give reign to your fantasies. There may be something you really want to try but not with a regular or serious partner. Providing it is discussed beforehand and there is no objection, this will be the ideal time to do it. You might want to dress in a certain way, try different positions, or bring toys into the equation – there are no limits to what you can agree to do. As long as it is legal that is.

Having described how amazing this method and dating sites can be, it is important to point out that they may not be ideal for everyone. There is one thing to consider when having a series of one-night stand hookup sessions, and that is why you are having them. Most people will say it is for fun and a sense of freedom, but there will be a very small percentage that date this way through depression. If you feel this may be the case, step back for a while as it would be a pity to turn what is normally an amazing and positive experience into ones you may regret.


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